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Ironmaster's Gem Bruno Jewelry Mercer. Beautiful keepsake artistry from the romantic Springfield Falls in Mercer County, PA. Now you can own or give a memorable gift, of a beautiful, unique souvenir of this historic, hidden place of respite.
Hearts On Fire Diamonds Bruno Jewelers Merecer PA- OUR DIAMONDS: THE HEARTS ON FIRE DIAMOND & THE DREAM DIAMOND. A rare standard of quality. Craftsmanship that borders on obsession. A diamond unlike any other in the world. The true beauty of a diamond lies in its uniqueness. Every diamond has its individual splendor and strengths. With its superior cut, a Hearts On Fire diamond is further distinguished by a breathtaking brilliance, and an intensity that says what words cannot. Hearts On Fire specializes in two exceptional diamond cuts – Hearts On Fire and Dream. Both are extraordinary in their own ways. Light enters the diamond. As you can see, a standard diamond with an inferior cut leaks light from the bottom and sides. Too deep or too shallow a cut, and the light that gives a diamond its brilliance is lost. Because of its perfectly symmetrical cut and increased surface area, a Hearts On Fire diamond captures that light and reflects it from the top, creating maximum brilliance and fire.

Bruno’s is a Fine Jewelry Store specializing in the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds & Rare Gems. Goldsmiths creating objects of beauty in a natural environment allow a romantic & historic experience unlike any jewelry store in the country.

During business hours* our nature trail displays a 1905 Railroad bed and telegraph pole, Historic Springfield Iron Furnace (1837-1862), Ironmaster’s House and the Springfield Waterfall created by glacial activity 12,000 years ago. DIAMONDS BY THE WATERFALL!

*When weather conditions permit access.                 Larry Bruno, Owner

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