Carved from unique material of the historic iron-making process of
Western Pennsylvania's early settlers, ca 1837-1862.

Wonderful chocolate browns, mossy bluish-green teal color.
The banding is random and in various swirls.

Ironmaster's Gem™ jewelry is found nowhere else in the world!
Ironmaster Gems

Beautiful keepsake artistry from
the romantic Springfield Falls in
Mercer County, PA.

Over the centuries many marriages
were proposed on the “rock” over-
looking the falls... keep in mind.

Now you can own or give a
memorable gift, of a beautiful, unique
souvenir of this historic, hidden place
of respite.

Ironmaster’s Gem is carved from
material of the iron-making process
during Pennsylvania’s early settler
days and well into the American Civil
War - truly a ‘piece of history’.

We are constantly creating new
unique Ironmaster Gems™, so
call us TODAY and ask what new
designs are available.

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From Bruno Fine Jewelers
The Ironmaster's Gem
Product of Mercer County
Nowhere Else In The World

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