Of the 4Cs - cut, clarity, color and carat weight - cut is the only characteristic under man's control. It is also the most important in revealing the diamond's most intense beauty.

Each and every one of our diamonds is crafted by hand. One master craftsman shepherds a Hearts On Fire diamond through every step of its transformation, forming a connection to it like that of a sculptor to his stone.

When a diamond is perfectly cut, the natural phenomenon of light magically appears, creating a ring of perfectly matched hearts when viewed from the bottom, and a brilliant 8-pointed Fireburst that can be seen across the crown. Hence our rather unique name.
In lesser diamonds, you'll often see misplaced and poorly aligned facets. These produce light leakage that causes lackluster performance, as well as images of "broken hearts."

Any extraneous rough crystal is cut away to ensure that every Hearts On Fire diamond becomes a true work of art. The edge-to-edge brilliance of Hearts On Fire makes it look like no other.

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